Birmingham Muslim School organizes various extra-curricular activities for pupils and parents throughout the year.

Annual Qur'an Competition

As part of our ongoing effort to maintain a high standard of Qur’an learning at Birmingham Muslim School, we hold an annual Qur’an competition with independent qualified judges assessing entrants and awarding winners

School Trips

We aim to take our pupils on regular trips to support the curriculum. We have taken classes to various educational and community attractions, including the sea life centre, Botanical gardens, the Space Centre and West Midlands Safari Park. All trips support aspects of the curriculum, which have been covered during the year.

Homework Club

Homework clubs are held once a week after school so teachers can help support pupils with homework assistance, whilst parents are actively engaged to support pupil learning at home.

Food Bank Trip 2017

Recently, our pupils collected food from home and other sources for the local foodbank. The sort of items we collected were rice, sugar, bread, tinned food, assorted breakfasts etc. After collecting food for 2 weeks, We then visited the foodbank.

During our visit, the gentleman gave our pupils a tour of the warehouse and the children were able to see what happens the food they donated to the foodbank. they learnt about the process of people coming to the foodbank and it helps them.

A fun filled afternoon of archery

Assalamu alaikum warahamatullah

Last week, we sent out letters to generate interest for our after school archery club. The archery club lasts for 6 weeks and on the 10/1/17 we started off with a great start. Children enjoyed and loved the activity very much. The timings of the after school club is from 3.30-4.30. 


Activities at Birmingham Muslim School

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